LLC4320 Relative Vorticity

By Ryan Abernathey

Relative vorticity from the LLC4320 MITgcm simulation. The color scale shows +/- 10^-4 s^-1. So if the color is saturated in midlatitudes, the Rossby number is approaching 1.

The map was generated using a combination of tools. First I used my MITgcm_parallel_analysis package to render the images as a set of tiles in parallel on Pleiades. Then I used the GDAL Utilities (to transform these tiles into a giant georeferenced TIFF image) and (to re-tile the image into the web-compatible Tile Map Service [TMS] format). Finally, I created an online map using this openLayers template.

Go ahead and use your mouse to zoom and pan, just as you do with Google Maps.